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Table of Contents

Preface: In Search of the Living Universe

Part I
The Cosmological Impulse:
Awakening to the Beauty of Nature

1     Starlight and Cosmovision: Awakening to the Universe

2     Beauty, Desire, and the Soul of the World

3     Life in the Cosmopolis

4     The Light of Nature and the Alchemical Imagination

5     The Lushness of Earth and the Spirit of the Desert

6     The Last Flowering: The Rediscovery of Soul in Renaissance Florence

Part II
The Death of Nature and the Rise of Alienation

7     The Mechanization of the World

8     In the Name of Utility: The Exploitation of Nature and the Decline of    Pleasure

Part III
Anima Mundi:
Rediscovering the Living Universe

9     Psyche Regained

10   The Mirror of Nature: Modern Cosmology and the Reanimation of the Universe

11   The Pattern Which Connects: Life and Mind in Nature

Part IV
A World with a Future:
Cultivating Life in a Global Community

12   The Turning Point: Returning Home in the Space Age

13   The Alchemy of Engagement: Working in Collaboration with Nature


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